Rules and Regulations

1. The Leading team of each session are welcome to follow the instruction from the Holy Spirit to lead the worship and prayer, but not restricted to the harp and bowl format.
2. Each session can last from one, two or three hours.
3. Each Leading team is required to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the claimed session. There is a preparation room available. If the team is late for more than 15 minutes without notice, the management team reserve the rights to allocate the time to other users.
4. In order to keep the fire on the altar burning, there is no rehearsal and rest time between each session. The leader of each session should immediate follow the previous session of worship/prayer, and there is no need to wait for the late members to start.
5. The PrayerHub is only used for worshipping and prayer. The venue should not be used for meetings, fellowship, sharing, teaching, training, ministry promotion, healing and deliverance service gatherings.
6. The audio, musical instruments, computers and other equipment in the PrayerHub are solely for use of prayer and worship. They are not for practice or personal use. Please cherish the items. If any item is found to be damaged, please inform the management.
7. Please keep the place clean. Eating is not allowed in the PrayerHub. You can bring water. Other drinks should be consumed in the pantry.
8. Please keep your personal belongings safe. If there is any loss, the PrayerHub will not be held responsible.
9. Do not place any leaflets, posters or promotional materials in the PrayerHub. The management will not help in promotion.
10. If you receive any revelation from God during thesession, please feel free to record in the “Revelation Log Book” placed at the door before leaving or use the online collection page.
11. There is an offering box on site to support the operation of the Hong Kong PrayerHub.
12. If you wish to change or cancel the session you have claimed, please notify the management no less than three days. If the applicant fails to attend the session and fails to notify the management, the management will cancel the future sessions of the applicant. The applicant will need to re-register for them.
13. When the Observatory announces that it will issue the typhoon signal No. 8 or higher in the next few hours, or a black rainstorm warning signal. The PrayerHub will be temporarily closed. The PrayerHub will resume in 2 hours after the warning signal is cancelled or lowered to No. 3 or lower rainstorm warning signal.
14. The PrayerHub reserves the right to amend the above Rules and Regulations without prior notice.
15. If you have any enquiries about the use of the venue of the PrayerHub, you can contact Mabel (Kingdom Ministries): 2235 5227